Photo by Tomie Wilson, 2022

Multi-hyphenate Artist and Photographer

Starting he career in Clinical Psychology, Nigerian American artist Sarah-Elizabeth's passion for understanding and helping people took a creative turn. Sarah-Liz has developed a love for capturing the beauty in moments that last forever. Specializing in portrait and editorial photography her passion and dedication led her to go full time as a self-taught portraitists in 2020.

Over the years Sarah-Liz has thrived in the art and media world working in production, social media and visual storytelling. As a Media Director her strength lies in creating impactful visual experiences.

Sarah-Liz's storytelling abilities along with her attention to detail have formed a collection of work to be admired. 

Features, Clients, And Credits

Nike, ESSENCE, BET Plus, GQ Britain, Lucy Magazine and more.


Located in Philadelphia and New York. 


Phone: 267-399-3442


Dana Oliver
Beauty Expert | Journalist | On-Camera Talent

"Working with Sarah is a creative’s absolute dream. She has been the visionary behind some of my most intimate portraits that I believe beautifully capture my softness and strength. 

While I feel motivated to prepare for shoots with mood boards and style inspiration, I can trust Sarah as my creative director. Unlike many photographers, she has a gift for working with natural light that makes the use of artificial light virtually unnecessary. This talent allows for Sarah to document me as a Black woman effortlessly, and it sets the tone for an environment where I can truly relax and simply be.

Any entrepreneur, brand or company would be honored to work with Sarah!"

Jennet Jusu - 

Allure Editorial Assistant

My experience with Sarah-Liz was not only professional, but welcoming, warm and an organic. I truly enjoyed myself. I was aiming to do a photoshoot for my birthday, and I appreciated how accommodating she was in making it happen, first and foremost. She really worked with me and gave solid encouragement the entire time. From communicating how I’d prefer the shoot, her editing, to providing props to elevate the experience and committing to getting the shot, I truly appreciate how thorough she is with her craft. I’m looking forward to booking with her again, for sure! 

Arfana Jasar
Bridal Makeup + Hair Artist 

Anyone can pick up a camera and click a few images and pass it off as "photography". But to be able to visually tell a story? Only the gifted photographers can do that and Sarah is one such amazing visual storyteller. She doesn't need my validation as her work speaks loudly for her! I have worked with her a few times on some of my creative projects and I was impressed with how she was able to understand and execute my vision. Not only is she excellent at capturing images, she is also a talented set designer and you have to see for yourself what she can do with a tiny space and some props. Apart from being such a brilliant and talented creative, her work ethic is highly commendable. I have never had to follow up multiple times for delivery of images and she was also kind enough to send me extra edits a few times. She has set the bar so high for me that I never have such great working chemistry with other photographers. Thank you so much for everything Sarah! You are a gifted Artist and I hope you continue to share your gifts with the world!! 

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